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Thank you all for your love and support


I want to write to you but was not sure what should be in the writing. You know the words "Curse of Knowledge." I have been in four medical schools for BS, MS, Ph.D., and Post-Doc, practicing Western and Eastern medicine, Modern and Ancient, Science, and Clinic for over 40 years. They are all mixed together and pasted in my head.

I sent you the two articles, one for the Chicago lady with colon malignant, hoping to explain what I would do if I were her. And one for a wonderful young man whose symptoms made me think of my patient Nancy. From many feedback I got from you, I now know how to communicate with you in a way you can easily follow and learn to guard your health.

Over almost 25 years of practicing TCM in the US, I have created many effective herbal formulas. there is a patient behind each formula, who inspired me to overcome his or her stubborn health issue, like Nancy with her 30 years of severe diarrhea. Naturally, I hate to say No to crying patients, and I firmly believe that there are solutions for all in TCM treasury, as long as I work hard I can help everyone.

Of course, the formulating process was not easy; it usually took a couple of months trying, adding, or reducing one herb at a time until the formula had a significant result. The recipe, of course, continued its modification over the following years, according to patients with the same symptoms but different lifestyles, for example.

You don't need to know the medical theory that guided me to act. You don't need to see each organ's detailed human anatomy or comprehend functional mechanisms. You only need to understand each formula, What is for? When and How to use it? When you need them. Every TCM formula has a specific purpose of solving a particular symptom. Formula #18-3 is for cough, for example, but unlike Western medications to suppress the cough, TCM herbs focus on healing the tissues and the cause so to stop the cough.

Remember, Body Clean is the bottom line solution for all, meaning, before taking #18-3, take Body Clean first for a day, or at least take them together, as the lung and the colon work closely together and depend on each other for normal function.

So, there are plenty of real healing stories ahead. You are all in my mind. I will try my best not to waste your time.


Only a few of us realize that failure to eliminate wastes from the body effectively can frequently result in a lingering demise. 

Can you tell what this black stuff from a human colon is?                                             It is not the intestines or colon. It is the garbage built up in your body.


"It is said that, according to the autopsy, John Wayne had 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter in his colon."


"Elvis reportedly had 60 funds according to his autopsy."


Spend a lot of money on organic food?

          What is the point if the colon is clogged? In other words, the best diets can be no better than the worst; they all go down the same drain if your body cannot process food timely and adequate.


Why is the Body Clean formula also called Beaty Powder?

Because it can heal your skin by cleaning the colon toxins. The face problems, therefore, is not about the face but only a mirror of the colon. When the colon has pouch toxins, they will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and show on your face.

That is all for today.
Enjoy your day, even if it is not so beautiful.