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Amy’s Story 3

A mysterious pain took her 11 years of life                                         Nothing worked even acupuncture


Part Three: How has Amy been doing?

Since the day, I let Amy go home, haven’t seen her again. Twenty-three years had passed, and Amy neither needed more acupuncture treatment nor herb. I am sure Amy has been fine. The recurrence of the monster had stopped completely. 

Patients might forget their doctors due to busy lives, but I didn’t forget Amy, and never will. I contact her mother Mary from time to time to check on her. Years ago, Mary replied to my email as follows,

"Amy moved to Chicago and has a well-rounded and happy life there.......I would say that Amy is as healthy now as she has been since she was 12-13 years of age.   Thanks Dr. Na!!”

These words were the ending of her six page reply. Mary repeatedly told me I could use these pages to educate people if needed. I decided to do so without their last name. Here, these pages are attached below for your view. Amy's case seemed an unbelievable miracle, an exaggeration, or even a made, instead of truth. I promise every detail described in the article was accurate. I hope these pages of sincere words from her mother will relieve any doubts you have about treatment. I have pledged not to waste your time —Tell the truth, Tell what happened.

What have we learned? Watch the Bowel!!!

It was nothing to do with Amy’s hands or her leg and foot. Her symptoms were there, simply presenting her internal problems. There was never a precise diagnosis for Amy in modern medicine, so there was no solution besides painkillers. But over 5000 years of clinical practice, TCM doctors have seen it and known this situation. It may not be evident in science, but Hey, Amy is happy now; that is all that matters. 

Amy's case remains a mystery to this day in science, which indicates that human beings are still far from fully understanding our bodies. I often thought if I could ask about her bowel movement a little earlier, that would have saved all of us so much. Yes, there were times I deeply regretted that I didn’t do so, which only made this clinic case carved in my bones and engraved in my heart. Since then, I eagerly ask every patient about their bowel movement. Such so, soon people in Springfield started talking, 

“Dr. Na is pretty, but her question is embarrassing, nothing but bowel movement; How does it go? How does it smell? What does it look like? What is the color? ”    

Do I care what people say? No! For that amount of suffering Amy, her family, and myself had been going through?! Again, No! Not at all!

The letter to Amy

Dear Amy,

It was nice to see you today, and I was pleased to know that you are free from your 11 years of the shackles. Life feels excellent without pain. It is now yours; enjoy it without worrying.   

You may wonder how I can be sure it won’t happen again. I have been talking with your mother since I discovered your constipation. I found a history of constipation in your life since you were a baby. Otherwise, you were a healthy and happy child. Your constipation seemed to be the Monster that had been unrestrained playing games. When it caused a fire in your body, your doctors focused on the fire and tried to extinguish it, but the monster was untouched. So you felt better temporarily, soon, back into the fire, again and again.  

TCM believes that when a problem lasts long enough, it gets into the blood, causing more severe issues like clots in the arteries. Your colon tissue you couldn't get proper nutrition through the blood, it stops its function, meaning, all wastes or garbage from digesting food will be reabsorbed into the blood, which causes tremendous inflammation in the whole body system. At first, it only appears on the skin's surface; later, it gets into deep tissues like yours. In TCM's words, "Coarse skins are the sign of blood stagnation." And "All pains are resulted from blockage of circulation."

According to your mother, your skin has always appeared rough since you were a child. Whenever your constipation got worse, so did your eczema. You also frequently had migraine headaches, as well as cramping during menstruation which the signs of poor circulation. It confirmed my diagnosis, ensured that we had it, and nailed it. 

The Monster has died! It was killed by TCM alone, the great medicine filled with wisdoms!

You may wonder if the herb is so powerful, do we need acupuncture?

Yes you do! Our entire digestive system are closely tied with our mind by the same nerve system called the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, our mind/mood/emotions and digestion are inseparable. Remember the first time you were at Mayo Clinic? Instead of painkillers, as all other doctors did, Mayo Clinic focused on behavior therapy and psychological consulting. That strategy came from the sympathetic structure. Sadly, most physicians today have ignored this critical link and don’t believe the mind has anything to do with human diseases. 

The headquarter of sympathetic nervous system is a brain structure called hypothalamus. According to scientific research so far the same brain structure also the headquarter of acupuncture. That was the reason you felt better after acupuncture treatment and pleaded to continue. 

What if without acupuncture? 

The high and intensive stress that is harbored inside your body won't be able to change on its own. Even if we moved this Monster out, you would raise another Monster. In other words, the Monster was created by you. It didn't drop from the sky. You got better from Mayo Clinic on the first visit showing how important our mindset is. Acupuncture has helped you to reset and balance your mental state so to enable and ensure your healing. So far, acupuncture is the most valuable, practical, harmless, and powerful healing approach. It defends us from ALL kinds of diseases we know or unknown.

I ended your treatment because you had it for four months, three times a week, which is strong enough and you got all acupuncture could do. Now that you have a healthy functioning system, and you are young, the ball can roll on its own.

Amy, we had an incredible journey together. Your pain had taught me valuable lessons, and you, on the other hand, gained the knowledge you need to live a healthier life. Now, your health and happiness are all in your control. Have fun!                  

And remember, I am here for you whenever you need me.

Dr. Na

(This is the end of Amy's story)

I often thought about Amy's case and finally decided to write about it. I wrote an email to Mary and told her what I would like to do. She replied with this six pages letter which detailed Amy's story.

The attached page is the last page of Mary's letter. I had to take a picture after covering the last name. Here are the rest five pages Link Link Link Link Link

Good night everyone.