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A Swollen And Mysteriously Painful Foot

A chiropractor's daughter, Anna, had suffered from severe foot pain for over a month. Use crutches to walk up and down the stairs to her classrooms and needed much help from her classmates. She had seen many physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, and even an acupuncturist, and she had been taking a variety of serious medications, all to no avail.
An open-minded physician, Dr. Trapp in Springfield, IL, referred her to Dr. Na Zhai since he has successfully referred his patients to her. After the first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Na, Anna walked out of the office without any assistance.…
The cause of Anna's pain remains a mystery, but Dr. Na and Chinese medicine took her pain away.


Severe Neck Disability After An Automobile Accident

Tim had severe pain and couldn't turn his head, couldn't sleep, and had electricity running down his left arm to his thumb. He went to see many doctors and tried numerous pills, injections, and physical therapy, and nothing helped.
Finally, he was referred to Dr. Na by his neurologist, Dr. Fortin, who was otherwise recommending a disabling neck surgery that would have left him paralyzed. After just one visit with Dr. Na, he knew the acupuncture would help him when nothing else had.
Now he is cured. He is symptom-free, pain-free, on no medications, and was like he was before the accident.


Astonished Surgeon Said He No Longer Needed Surgery

In his late forties, Jerry, a heavy-construction laborer, fell off a truck, seriously injuring his neck and shoulders. His pain was excruciating and constantly radiated to his arms, hands, fingers, and toes.
"I couldn't even talk because the vibrations from talking increased my pain. My head was clear down to my chest. I thought I was crippled."

A chiropractor treated Jerry for some time and helped him slightly, but suddenly the pain came back severely, and he went to the emergency room. An MRI showed he had three bulging disks. A surgeon suggested removing three cervical vertebras and fusing five disks in the neck. Jerry was desperate to reduce his pain, so he scheduled surgery. However, he was scared, "You never know what might happen in surgery."
Shortly before his scheduled surgery, Jerry heard many good reports about the benefits of acupuncture from three of his friends. He felt 70% better after his first acupuncture treatment, and now after three months, he is pain-free. The surgeon was amazed and told Jerry he no longer needed the surgery.

Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

Joyce had severe back neck pain for over six years. Unable to sleep in bed, she was up and down all night. She got no relief from her physician.
It wasn't until she went to see Dr. Na that she began to heal. She is now pleased to be able to do everything she wants with virtually no pain.



Back And Sciatic Pain


After forty years of suffering severe sciatica pain and having fallen a flight of stairs, Joanne tried everything she could to relieve her pain with no result. After only one treatment with Dr. Na, she could hardly believe she had no more pain.


Chest Pain And Hyperlipidemia

David was having chest pain. He went to the Mayo Clinic, diagnosed with a 20-60% blockage in several coronary arteries. With his existing hyperlipidemia, knowing was in danger. David tried several prescribed medications, but they made him sicker, so he quit taking them. After three acupuncture treatments with Dr. Na and taking her herbal formula "Body Clean," he had no more chest pain, his bad cholesterol had dropped 50%, and his good cholesterol had risen 35%.


Motorcycle Accident - Crippling Pain

Mark's accident left him in excruciating pain. He received painkillers and steroid medications which caused even more problems for him. He was unable to walk, stand, or sit. His mother suggested he see Dr. Na. He was skeptical at first, but after the first treatment, he noticed immediate results. He would now recommend acupuncture to everyone.

Horseback Riding Accident - Chronic Pain


Mike loved to ride horseback but found that his legs would go numb after five minutes in the saddle. He also could not run because of the loss of sensation in his legs. After three years of pain, in just two sessions with Dr. Na, Mike was back doing the activities he loves.


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