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Part I   The road of education



Dr. Na Zhai (third from left) with Professor Wen Shen ( second from left) and her colleagues in Beijing Acupuncture Institute, China, where Dr. Na Zhai completed her Master's thesis in August 1988. The Effect of Acupuncture on Acute Myocardial Infarction in Rabbits             



After her Master's thesis defense, Dr. Na Zhai (right), with her tutor Professor Liu Zhuoyou (in the middle), and classmates in May 1989. She received her master's degree shortly after at Guiyang Medical School.



Dr. Na with her professor Xu-Ping at The Second Tianjin Medical University, In Tianjin, China, in 1989.



Dr. Na Zhai with Professor Xu Ping in the Histochemistry Laboratory at The Second Tianjin Medical University, China, where she completed her Ph.D. thesis, The Effect of Acupuncture on Acute Cerebral Infarction in Rats, in 1990.


A Chinese Newspaper had announced Dr. Na's Ph.D. research.



Dr. Na Zhai (back row middle), with her professors and classmates after completing her Ph.D. thesis defense.



Dr. Na Zhai (the third from left) with her professor Shi Xueming (in the middle) after the PhD award ceremony in 1992.





Dr. Na arrived in Japan for her Post-Doc research in 1993


Part II   Life in Japan

Professor Futaesaku Yutaka, Kitasato University, Japan, invited Dr. Na Zhai in 1993 to complete a research project:                     The Brain Response to Needling Different Acupuncture Points derived from [H] 2-DG Auto-radiography





Her professor, colleagues and friends         in Japan.








Making Chinese dumplings with Japanese professors and students


Dr. Na was giving a lecture in the Japanese community on ancient Chinese medicine. She had studied Japanese for eight years during her undergraduate.


Attending international conferences in Japan

The research done in Japan had been announced in Chinese national newspaper.







Dr. Na was in the kimono (sitting in the middle) with her friend and colleagues.
It took three hours to put kimono on her, once in a life time.

Part III   Put Knowledge at work


Dr. Na, in the middle, with her team in the pathologic lab at Tianjin TCM University, Tianjin, China. In this room, many Masters's and Ph.D. students had finished their thesis.



On National Research Project at Professor Bao-Zhen Zhang's electron- microscope lab in Fourth Military Medical University,
Xi-an, Sichuan, China


Part IV. Come to the US

In July 1996, Dr. Na arrived in New York


Dr. Na Zhai spent the first three months of her American life visiting famous universities and famous people in the United States. She visited The AIDS Institute in New York, where Dr. David Ho (the second from left), a world-renowned AIDS expert, invented his famous “cocktail” for AIDS patients.


Dr. Na worked in Springfield Clinic with Dr. Fortin (the second from right), a neurology expert. She had learned so much from him and all colleagues in the clinic.


Work in Springfield Clinic was featured in newspaper, Dr. Fortin standing behind.


Our patient John Landers was suffering from severe Trigeminal Neuralgia                 for two years. He was pain free in two and half weeks under our care. 

Over the years, many SIU medical students went through Dr. Na's clinic. 

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