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Dr. Na's Advanced Herbal Formulas

#25 Body Clean


What is it?

Is Body Clean a laxative?

In 1999 I worked with Dr. Claude Fortin at Neuroscience Institute in Springfield Clinic. There was a beautiful lady, let's call her Nancy,  in her 80s who came in for her 30 years of severe diarrhea.

"I have been exhausted. I must repeatedly lie to catch my breath during morning makeup." Nancy recounted. 

She had seen many doctors, traveled between hospitals, and took 16 medications daily. She knew she shouldn't take prednisone for too long due to its severe side effects, especially promoting osteoporosis at her age. But she had no choice even though these medications hardly showed any positive results. For thirty years, she could not get any release. Being unable to do anything, her doctor referred her to us.

Without any testing, it was clear that Nancy's colon was severely inflamed. How did I know? Because her diarrhea stinked. Medications tried to suppress the inflammation down but failed. Why? Long-term malnutrition had exhausted her resources for healing. 

I wanted to combine a group of herbs with cleaning the infection, simultaneously supporting her immune system and nourishing her body. The Body Clean was first formulated for Nancy's diarrhea. I remember I told her husband, Bob,

"Nancy will have more diarrhea in a couple of days after taking this herb. It is the only way we can heal her that the garbage out before healing starts. Please don't be mad, be patient."

A week later, I saw them again. Bob was distraught, "She couldn't  leave the toilet." 

I turned to Nancy and asked her how she was feeling; she replied, "Strangely, I had much more diarrhea, but I feel better and have more energy. "

My prescription was No Change!--- Beat the drum, keep going.

Nancy was entirely healed within three months. No more medication is needed. The Body Clean formula had been changed here and there following her condition, but the principle stayed the same. Soon, during my lecture, Nancy was on the stage giving testimonials to doctors.

Since the formula worked wonderfully, I thought every patient should use it to start healing. Cleaning the colon is like cleaning our kitchen drainage to assist and ensure its function. 

I have done precisely just that for the past 23 years. Body Clean works excellent for digestive, colon, respiratory, and all kinds of skin problems. It is, therefore, also named Beauty Powder. 

Body Clean is not a laxative. It is excellent for all kinds of chronic diseases, health maintenance, or erasing aging signs simply because you have more nutrition that can reach your face. 

When should you use it?

Whenever your bowel stinks or is slow, whenever you feel sluggish or bloating, your bowel movement should not smell at all. If it does, that means there is something inside ferment/corruption. It shouldn't be there but out as soon as possible. I often suggest people take it from time to time as a routine. There is no side effect. 

What should you do besides taking the herb?

Eat less, and drink a lot of boiled water. Please wait it cool down until you can drink it. This will give your gut a chance to breathe and digest what you had stuffed in. 

That is all for today.