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Why? What? Where? Who? When?
The acupuncture effect reaches its best 

A 52-year-old lady called from Chicago and wanted to see me. Her colonoscopy spotted a malignant growth. I suggested she follow her doctors.

She asked, ‘Why not acupuncture? I’ve heard about you, and you’ve saved many lives from their devastating situations.’

That is true. Acupuncture can do wonders but not for her case. Why?


Our bodies are precision instruments. It constantly repairs and protects us from deadly diseases. But it has limitations. If whatever we do wrong that breaks the boundaries, then comes cancer.

Since ancient times, cancers have been considered ‘Once you get it, you die.’ Around 1600 AD, some records of breast cancer were found in ancient Egypt. At that time, doctors tried eliminating the tumor by cauterization but saw that cancer would grow back quickly. No matter how hard they tried, it could not be eradicated. In Song Dynasty, it was found that breast cancer was more likely to occur among women over 40 years old, leading to body ulceration and death.

Today, cancer remains our number one killer. On the one hand, due to the increase in human life expectancy, from the 40s to 80s, the probability of suffering from cancer is increased. On the other hand, cancer is still mysteries to human beings. According to the global cancer statistics published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2021, one in five people develops cancer. And the more developed countries are, the higher the risk of cancer. One out of every three people in Japan has cancer.

There are about 37 trillion cells in the human body responsible for carrying out different body functions. When cells are old or damaged, the human body will replicate and divide to eliminate the old and bring in the new. For example, intestinal cells are renewed every 2-3 days. The generation of cancer cells is the process of replication and renewal that is disturbed by factors such as family history, age, toxins, diet, and emotions, resulting in abnormal mutations.

Besides family history and age, the rest of the factors that cause mutations can be our opportunities against cancer. We have a choice to do better, not take our bodies for granted, and not depend on doctors, as they can ONLY handle diseases. They were trained in modern medical schools to deal with diseases, not to help the body to avoid diseases. Yes, with high technologies, they have a better chance to save lives from cancer than in ancient times.

That was why I advised the lady to follow her doctors.

Can acupuncture help her at this time? Yes, but not alone. She must take the opportunities of modern science first to increase her chance to live, together with ancient medical wisdom to support her immune system and preserve her energy to fight. Although cancer is not like a heart attack or a stroke blizzard, the timing of cancer treatment is short and critical for death or life.

Unlike modern medicine, ancient Chinese medicine focuses on healing the body to prevent diseases. But exactly How do acupuncture and herbs do just that?


Acupuncture stimulates bodily precision instruments to enhance its power and balance to extend its boundaries of healing and prevention. Chinese herbal formulas remove garbage in the colon and clots in the arteries, the least to say, so to release normal bodily functions and avoid further damage. Both acupuncture and herbal medicine are based on solid foundations of thousands of years of clinical observation and treatment. It is built on observing and healing real people with diseases, not animals in laboratories. The theories of the meridians system and the holistic/dialectic system are the essences of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. They have been the core of TCM practice.


TCM treats the entire body, not single symptoms. For headaches, for example, most acupuncture needles are placed on the feet, hands, and torso, according to the related meridian, because stress, insomnia, our digestive issues could cause headaches. TCM identifies the root cause first and then decides how to treat it.


To your surprise, the first candidate for TCM patients is those healthy people who want to preserve their best health. Because you are healthy, your body has the most power and sensitivities to respond to acupuncture stimulation. You get the best renewal and intensified process through the treatment. In other words, the effect of acupuncture mostly depends on your body’s response to acupuncture stimulation. Healthier people get more benefits from TCM treatment, especially from acupuncture. If you were sick or weak, your body would respond less to the treatment. You can tell the difference after the same treatment, as our bodies ups and downs from time to time. After all, you won’t wait for a house to deteriorate to repair it. Instead, you want to maintain it while it is still in good condition.

The second candidate for TCM treatment is those with long-term chronic diseases that have failed with modern medicine. It may take much longer or more treatments to turn around, but you are definitely in the correct direction for getting back your health.


TCM is not the first choice for emergency and cancer patients. We don’t like taking medicines due to their side effects or are scared to undergo surgeries. But when it comes to life-saving situations, Modern medicine is the best choice. At that point, in a life-death situation, the side effect of modern medicine is insignificant. TCM does its best when it has timing permission. We won’t expect 30 years of chronic illnesses, like a building block, to melt away in a couple of days. When the body situation is over the bottom line, out of the boundaries, TCM solutions are neither quick enough nor strong enough to save lives. But when it comes to chronic diseases or safeguarding a healthy body, TCM is the only effective way to carry you onto the healthy land.

That chronic symptom disappear by taking medications does not necessarily mean you are in better health. You need to take care of the root cause. You have to do it. Otherwise, your symptoms will be back, plus all the side effects of taking medicines. Or you may mount more medications that are not healing at all. Our body doesn’t like to handle drugs because it doesn’t know how.

So choose TCM while you still can and stick to it for a healthy, longevity life. To the lady, I can only work with her doctors for her best health.

Best wishes to all.