Zhai Scientific Corporation



The success of Dr. Na Zhai Clinic and its herbal formulations necessitates the incorporation of Zhai Scientific to meet the demand for Dr. Zhai’ s  Advanced Chinese herbal formulations ACHFs. The mission of the company is to provide dependable, expeditious and efficacious products with superior quality to American.

Dr. Na Zhai has been using these products as an alternative to medication. She has helped thousands of Americans get rid off their medications and enabled them becoming health again. Zhai Scientific products are formulated from natural grown plants imported from China. The powerful healing aids developed by Dr. Na Zhai's over 20 years of busy clinical practice in the United States.  Years of clinical observation of the use of these products at Dr. Na Zhai Clinic, local health food store, medicine store, and other doctor's office has demonstrated product safety.  The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any single disease; rather, they are intended to enhance the body's own healing capacity.  In addition, the products do not target any single cell or tissue, but promote the whole body’s functional performance to regenerate whole body balance. 

In order to screen the proper use of these products, the company only assigns it to licensed health care practitioners and Dr. Na Zhai's own patients. Zhai Scientific was born out of a desire for quick and efficacious herbal therapy. This remains the driving force behind every aspect of the company from herbal sourcing, manufacturing, and quality assurance. 

Dr. Na Zhai came to realize that the difference between Chinese and American regarding diet and lifestyle made a significant difference in diseases and healing processes.  ACHFs are based on Dr. Na Zhai’s experiences in the study and practice of medical science and traditional Chinese medicine in the United States.  The products were developed to aid in the healing of Americans, and have distinguishable features from other supplements including:

Promote the body’s own healing power;
Heal the whole body to relieve initial symptoms;
No side-effects;
Quick and direct results;
Use is not necessary once body is healed.