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Essentials for a healthy body


After thousands of years, Chinese doctors realized the essential things that interfere with our health.

1. The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter are closely related to the functional activities of the human viscera and the circulation of Qi and blood. If a person violates the changing rules of the four seasons, the normal biological rhythm will be broken, and disease will accelerate aging.

2. Harmony between man and nature and care for the environment. The ecological environment and human health are closely linked. Destruction of the domain is human self-destruction.

3. Regular life is significant to maintain normal nerve center function. Because the activity is nerve reflex, mobilization, and command, our daily activities can effectively train the functional activities of our nerve centers to benefit our health. For example, set the alarm to wake up at 6 o'clock every morning. You also wake up at 6 o'clock without an alarm clock after a while.

4. Pay attention to the four dignity of walking, sitting, standing, and lying down. A good demeanor keeps one's breath smooth and minds straight.

5. To keep in good health, you must cultivate your character and adjust your mind when changing your body because mind and body, limbs, and spirit are closely related. To live long, you need to get rid of delusions.

We will detail the rules of the four seasons and our body's biological rhythm soon. You must know these basics of our body's operation system to lead a flourishing life.