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Some Advanced Chinese Herbal Formulas

Chinese medicine includes mainly acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas. For patients with local pain syndromes usually won't use herbs. They often only receive acupuncture treatment, which produces excellent results to alleviate the pain by improving body circulation and healing. The treatment of severe internal conditions, however, herbal therapies are necessary. Here are the details of two of Dr. Na's advanced herbal formulas; 

#25 The Body Clean

The formula is a natural antibiotic that cleanses the entire body's system and gets rid of infections. It is not a laxative. Body Clean procedures the best solution for patients who has stench diarrhea. It is excellent for the skin. The human body has its natural cleansing system. Ideally, we should have a bowel movement 30 to 40 minutes after each meal, just like we clean our kitchen after each meal preparation. Although God had set our body system to cleanse itself, when you are under a lot of stress, you ruin the design by tensing up your digestive system, which can significantly restrict your body function. This herbal formula is a powder form. You took a tablespoon mix with water and used it with an empty stomach. You can start twice a day for two weeks and subsequently as needed. 

#16-1 Intestinal Clean

This formula enhances body function by promoting circulation in the colon system for severe constipation patients. It is different from Body Clean formula, which is for inflammation in the entire body system. The dosage for this formula is once a day at bedtime. This herbal formula is a capsule form and used before bed. You can start at six capsules and then increase or decrease the tablets according to your bowel movement.

Customized Formula

The treatment of most long-term diseases requires, however, customized herbal formulas. Usually, you need to take herbs for three to six months. It is because our body organs and tissues are regenerated every three to six months. The herbal remedies follow the body's rhythm to promote healing and eventually create a better you.