Advanced Chinese Herbal Formulas

Chinese medicine is not all about Acupuncture. Chinese herbal formulas play a big part of entire healing. For patients with local pain syndromes, however,  usually won’t get herbs. They often only receive acupuncture treatment, which  produces great results to alleviate the pain, thus advancing lives. The Herbal formulas are used for treating serious internal conditions. Two of the Chinese Herbal formulas in use are highlighted below.

Formula #25

The formula is a natural antibiotic which cleanses the body system and rids it of infections. It is not a laxative and it has been known to be very good for the skin. The human body has a natural cleansing system which ensures that the body function is maintained. Think about it, do you need to cleanse your kitchen after each meal? Yes, you do! Our body needs the same procedure in that, ideally, you should have a bowel movement after each meal. God had set our body system to cleanse itself, but the life we live today is not fit to the body machine we have. For example, when you are under a lot of stress, you ruin the system by tensing up your digestive system which can significantly restrict your body function. The dosage for the Herbal Formula twice a day for two weeks and subsequently as needed. For more information about Formula #25, please click here.

Formula #16-1

This formula enhances the body function by ensuring your intestine clean. Dosage has been prescribed for respective body conditions. You may start the herb with the full dose as recommended and then gradually reduce the dosage to one capsule, and may eventually stop altogether. To learn more about Formula #16-1, please click here.

Customized Formula

The treatment of most long term diseases require a customized herbal formula which will be taken for three months or longer on a daily basis to achieve the best result. Customized herbal formulas try to repair the entire system which takes longer to accomplish. Most of the organs and tissues in the human body are regenerated every three to six months. The herbal remedies follow the body’s rhythm to help create a better you. For detailed information, please click here.