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Three famous doctors died in 6 days

Yesterday, one of my close colleagues in China told me the following information, as we are familiar with these names.

Cai Guodong, a 42-year-old Shandong Taishan Medical College doctor, died suddenly at the side of the operating table.

Three days later, 45-year-old Dr. Li Qiuxi died of a heart attack in Tianjin General Hospital.

Two days later, Liu Wen, an attending physician in the Gastroenterology Department of Shanghai Longhua Hospital, died suddenly.

And the list goes on,

Professor Huang, a nationally renowned healthcare expert at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, passed away at 58.

Pan Xinghua, a famous doctor in Hong Kong, passed away at 44.

The 36-year-old doctor Xu Jianfeng suffered from cancer and died only 14 days ago.

Zhang Shengyu, chairman of Tongrentang, died of a heart attack at 39.

They were experts, and they were famous, but they died hopelessly. The question is, how can you entrust your health to them?

Professor Hua Shijin of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences is a famous tumor treatment expert. He is not happy,

"After decades of practicing medicine, working harder and harder, the team of doctors is getting bigger and bigger; medical technology is getting unprecedentedly advanced, but only see more and more crowded patients. There is no sense of accomplishment."


My Chinese friend told me not to work so hard and to take good care of myself. I thought about my husband, who died on October 20, 1991. He was only 38 years old, an accomplished, promising scientist, author, and passionate doctor in the field of the prostate. On his deathbed, he told me," I wish I were a farmer, nothing but have a sound body."

These words have been engraved in my heart and carved in my bones. I could never forget our situation, the eagerness to live but hopelessly desperate.

You Can Always Buy a New Car or House, But You Can't Possibly Buy a New Body.                                                                          

Enjoy this beautiful day!