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Lives were in danger


COPD: At The Edge Of Death

Mr. Golden suffered from a severe case of COPD. The inhalers that he had to use were devastating to his ulcerous stomach condition. He could not eat, sleep or breathe and was losing weight at an alarming rate. His doctors offered no help for his problems. He was down to 88 pounds and felt he was near death. 

Dr. Na treated him with acupuncture and a series of herbs which gradually brought him back to life. Now his congestion is cleared up, his 20-year sinus problems are gone, and he eats and sleeps well. The best part is he is off his inhalers and other medications. He is thrilled to be back to his active routine and highly recommends Dr. Na for people with similar problems.         He and his wife are so thankful to Mr. Stuart Kainste, the manager of a health food store in Springfield, IL, who referred them to Dr. Na. 


Heart Bypass Surgery On Top Of Severe COPD

Dale had started making funeral arrangements since he feared he had only a few weeks to live. Walking from his backyard to the house, he had to stop many times to catch his breath.

As a general contractor for 43 years, Dale's grueling work and inhaling dust particles and industrial fumes led to the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. On top of that, about two years ago, he had to go through a heart bypass surgery. The operation was a risk to his life, but he desperately needed it. He survived the surgery, but it seemed to debilitate his body further. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Na, Dale's condition was 80% better. After three months under Dr. Na's care, he amazed friends and family by climbing a two-mile trail up the Smokey Mountains without any problems. What A Relief!  

Bonnie, Dale's wife, had suffered from back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a chronic heart condition for years. Since her husband was in a more complex situation, Bonnie had been ignoring her symptoms. She constantly worried and cried, which made her condition even worse. Bonnie also found help from Dr. Na. Now she is "the happiest woman in the world."


"I Was Very Close To Bottom When I Came Here"

Bernice has been faithful to the American medical system in seeking relief from a variety of her health problems, including weight gain, diabetes, back and leg pain, swollen feet, impaired mobility, urinary incontinence, bursitis of the shoulder, plus anxiety and a depressed mood due to her lackluster life. Like many elderly folks her health was declining, and her doctor could not do anything for her but soften the misery of her symptoms with a variety of medications.

For six years, a friend repeatedly recommended seeing Dr. Na because it worked wonders on the friend's son, who had Hemophilia. Bernice did not heed this advice. She was afraid of being seen as strange and superstitious by her family and friends; like many people, she had a misconception of acupuncture.

One morning, Bernice reached out to grasp support and missed as she climbed her porch steps. She fell backward and landed on a boot scraper, hitting her lower back and hip area very hard. Her back was severely jarred, and the pain was constant for over two years.

Since that accident, she noticed all her symptoms and health problems became worse at a more incredible speed. There was a perpetual and dreadful pain deep in her lower back that kept her from walking. Even with all these life-limiting problems, she was somewhat reluctant to try acupuncture. "I kept thinking if my regular doctor couldn't do anything, why would I expect that anybody else could."

Finally, Bernice could not stand it any longer. She had her first appointment with Dr. Na in the spring of 2004. She thought it might help her back pain a little, but she didn't know what to expect. To her surprise, her first acupuncture treatment erased her back pain! "It was the happiest day of my life." She had never experienced an appointment at a doctor's visit like that before, as she feels better every time she leaves Dr. Na's office. Read more of what Dr. Na has to say about Bernice's case at Dr. Na's Clinic File.


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