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A dear patient wrote to me,

"I was wondering if Amy has had to have any additional herbs over the years, especially since she is so driven."

The answer was in Part 3. But she wanted to confirm it again with me, which raised a question in my mind, perhaps in her mind as well, when she wrote me the question,

"How could Amy be completely healed and never need more acupuncture treatment and herb while most patients are still in need?"

"Amy is young and a dancer, meaning she has a good lifestyle." I wrote. I believe the core was a relatively simple pathological factor-constipation dominated her body. Otherwise, she had a healthy body. So when we found the cause and nailed it down, her body started to prosper. One thing worth mentioning here is that she had intensive acupuncture treatment; 50 times within four months, which forced her body to change from hectic to harmonious; the 11 years of body system had altered first, and so did her body function, in other words, the landscaping had changed so did its production.

When people have long-term chronic health issues or are aged, that would be a different situation because the body's property is running down and has been for years; the self-healing power, therefore, is limited. Remember, the effect of acupuncture comes from how your body responds to the treatment. In other words, acupuncture stimulates your healing resources to get results. Amy's body strongly reacted to the treatment, so to get the best benefit from the treatment. Long enough, her body wholly renewed. She is now in her 50s she needs to start caring for her body routinely, just like all of us have to pay close attention to a 50-year-old house.

Diet and good exercise are essential to building a solid foundation from a young, like Amy, who started as a dancer when she was a baby girl. On the other hand, most of us didn't know the importance, didn't have enough resources, or didn't have enough time to take care of ourselves when we were young. You know, what I would say and do now is Start now! Start at this very moment; do whatever can bring us a healthier and happier future instead of soaking ourselves in regret.