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Beauty MUST Come From Inside the Body


A couple of months ago, one of my patients asked me to treat her best friend who has been suffering from a terrible skin disorder. I felt very confident that I could help her after many years of treating similar skin disorders. Generally speaking, there are two major causes for almost all kinds of skin disorders: Mental Stress and Body Toxins. To effectively treat these skin issues, my acupuncture treatment and the herb Body Clean work together wonderfully. But this new patient’s symptoms seem more persistent. Later, I found out she had been consistently searching online while receiving treatment from me, and finally, she believed that her problem might related to Demodex mites (human demodicosis). 

What are Demodex mites?

The latest research showed that Demodex mites are tiny eight-legged parasites that mostly live in hair follicles and oil glands on your face, neck, or chest. As alarming as this may sound, they’re generally harmless. They can even help your skin by removing dead skin cells. (Webmd May 14, 2023)

An expert at Cleveland Clinic says almost everyone has Demodex mites living on their skin, but they usually don’t cause any problems. It can, however, multiply quickly in people who are immunocompromised. 

What causes people to be immunocompromised?

The main causes are Mental Stress and Body Toxins, YES the same as mentioned above, because skin disorders are manifestations of inner immunocompromised. Our body can't talk, instead, it uses some signs to alarm you that it is time to take care your immune system. Our skin disorders, of course, are the first signal your body trying to communicate with you. If you don't care then things could be much worse leading you to all kinds of chronic diseases. Therefore, we can simply watch our faces to take care of our bodies. The point here is, Mental Stress and Body Toxins are often the 'Cause and Effect', multiplay one another.

The new patient has both issues at play. This has happened to her over a long period and her digestive system has been harmed. However, the patient does not seem interested in my suggestions of healing the whole body by balancing her diet and lifestyle, instead, she is focusing on the mites. Since there is no sure way to get rid of the mites in modern medicine, she has created more mental stress and a vicious cycle for herself. I hope she will adhere to my advice and treatment and perhaps help to bring some relief and relaxation. She might think healing can't be that simple, just by acupuncture and herbs, especially for her long-term issues, and she might believe her healing has to have some powerful drugs involved. No! Healing doesn't need to include drugs. Simply put, the lack of these drugs does not cause sickness. The cause of diseases is due to the body having lost its balance.

Our body is a self-stabilizing ecosystem that sustains millions of good bacteria, at least 3 pounds just in the colon. How to keep the landscaping healthy?                

Simple! Follow the three principles:

#1 Be happy.       #2 Eat fiber-rich food.     #3 move.                                                  

If you can't do the three, then Be Happy is your must!                                                  

If you can't be happy, of course, life is hard, then pretend it by putting a big smile on your face, look, you are not only beautiful, confident, young, and soon, you will become a very happy person. Try it!    Happiness is so important for a healthy body. I will write more about it later.                  

Our digestive system is the powerhouse that not only supplies nutrition for our survival but is also responsible for eliminating toxins to prevent us from diseases. Our emotions and daily stresses can significantly affect our digestive system through the nervous system. 

While Western medicine tries to manipulate our body’s system Chinese medicine focuses on healing it. We all understand the simple fact that if the “house” were clean there would be no flies (sick bacteria), only garbage attracts it. So we should put our attention on the garbage, not the flies, meaning, to heal the body, not put in more toxins (drugs) to destroy it. 


One of my doctor friends shared a case of her patients with me. A group of men were playing cards, one of them stood up, walked to the window, jumped out, and died, while others thought he was using the bathroom. It turned out that the man mistook the window as a door, and thought he must go through it... He had a terrible disease that we might all have, only more or less. Stay tuned, more is on the way.