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Chronic Fatigue


Fatigue, Hypertension, Enlarged Prostate, And Arthritis

  Tom, a retired school superintendent, came to Dr. Na with severe fatigue and shortness of breath. After only 4 or 5 treatments with acupuncture and herbal remedies from Dr. Na, his wife noticed he was much improved. After a couple more treatments with Dr. Na, Tom is symptom-free.
At the same time, Tom had several sound "side effects"; his blood pressure returned to normal, he didn't have to get up three and four times a night to go to the bathroom, and his leg pain disappeared. Tom and his wife are very grateful for the change in his health.


Fatigue And Hormonal Imbalance

Kay Marie had fatigue for over 20 years. Her physician told her it was due to her busy lifestyle and stress. She put up with her fatigue until she began having trouble with her face swelling up. 

She went to Dr. Na for help. She now has much more energy, and her health is greatly improved. She says she could kick herself for not getting acupuncture sooner.


Chronic Fatigue and kidney problems

Pat was exhausted from chronic fatigue and severely swollen and painful legs. After 11 years of being shuffled between medical doctors and psychiatrists, her symptoms worsened. She had to take over 20 pills a day and was sleeping 14 to 18 hours. It wasn't until she found Dr. Na that her life turned around. She is now off all her medication and is symptom-free.


Severe Fatigue, Stress Headaches, And Constipation

Dee came to Dr. Na for a weight loss program but discovered she had first to address her severe fatigue, stress headaches, and constipation before successfully losing weight. She only had one bowel movement a week. After three treatments, her bowel movements are daily. She now has more energy, and her headaches are gone. She has hope again.


Fatigue Due to Colon Toxin

Sue is an office worker in her late forties who was so tired that she would have to rest all weekend to work the following week. " I spent my whole weekend lying around, sleeping, and catching up. I had other things that I needed to do, but I just dropped."

She had been tired for about five years, but it was getting even worse recently. " I had been bringing my husband to see Dr. Na, who has been very successfully treating his neck and back pain." Sue then started seeing Dr. Na as well. Sue says she feels a lot better and gets a lot of things accomplished during the weekend.

Sue used two herb formulas from Dr. Na -- "Serenity" to reduce her stress and improve her brain function. "Body Clean" to eliminate the waste and toxins from her colon, amassed for many years. Now she feels so much better.


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