Dr. Na Zhai PhD, OMD,
LAc,Dipl. C.H. & Dipl. Acu. (NCCAOM)


Hi There, Welcome to my Acupuncture Wellness clinic.

Professional Address: 1200 S 5th Street, Springfield, Illinois 62703
Telephone: 217-528-3199, Fax: 217-528-3090
E-mail: drna@acupuncture-centers.com
Citizenship: America, US permanent residence as Outstanding Professor and
                                      Researcher, awarded by US immigration August, 1997
Communication skills: English, and Chinese


B.S. (1983)  in Medicine, TCM Department, Shanxi Medical University, China
M.S. (1989) in Medicine, Guiyang Medical University, China
Ph.D. (1992) in Medicine, Tianjin College of TCM, China
Post-Doctoral (1993-1994) Scientific Research on Acupuncture, Kitasato    
University, Japan

Special Training and Professional Licenses

• Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (1994-1995), Nankai University, Tianjin, China
• Electron Microscope & Autoradiography and Cerebral Image Pattern Analysis (1993-1994), Kitasato University, Tokyo, Japan
• Cerebrovascular Perfusion and Cerebrovascular Quantitative Analysis (1989 – 1991), Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China
• Histochemistry & Immunohistochemistry Staining and Histological Quantitative Analysis by microspectrophotometer (1987-1988), Laboratory at Beijing Acupuncture Institute, Beijing, China
• Electro Microscope & Immunohistochemistry and Quantitative Analysis (1989), Xi’an Medical University, Xian, China
• Basic Scientific Training (1986), Guiyang Gerontology Institute, Guiyang, China
• Diplomat in acupuncture from NCCAOM, US
• Diplomat in Chinese herbology, NCCAOM, US
• Illinois Acupuncture License
• New York Acupuncture License