Acupuncture , The Details

Acupuncture treatment is a healing procedure which has the capacity to reset and regenerate the entire body system.  The process entails inserting some hair-like needles on the surface of the body and manipulating the needles by hand or by a machine to fine-tune the body function for optimal performance and health. As a matter of fact, your best doctor is inside of you! This body doctor tries to protect you, while maintaining the balance of body functions with the purpose of repairing and replenishing its internal system in a timely manner.

You may ask, “If that is true, but why do I have symptoms, like headaches, insomnia, fatigue,  or worse - a heart attack, a stroke, or a cancer? ”Day to day stress, physical exhaustion, wrong diet, polluted air and many other results of personal lifestyle take their toll on the body system with the body constantly subjected to battle against pathogenic forces. These pathogenic forces sometimes overwhelm the body with the result being ailing symptoms because the body was not designed to thrive in such environments. Acupuncture offers supporting hands to the ’doctor within’ by effectively dispatching and mustering all resources within the body to fight. This is achieved by promoting the concert of bodily functions,Acupuncture makes the heart pump harder, the blood flow faster, and the immune system works better. The resultant effect is the healing of the body.